How to become a professional PHP Developer?

The demand of PHP developers is increasing rapidly in IT industry. More and more youngsters are going for this profession. Good salary and unlimited opportunities in career are the reason why students are selecting this profession. Students with interest in technical skills are the best candidates for this field.

But how can you become a PHP professional? What you need to do to enter this profession? Here are guidelines –

Industrial training – To become a professional web developer, first thing you will need is six months industrial training in PHP. It will train you in the necessary topics of this programing language. During course, you will learn about this server-side scripting language and its components. Object oriented programming is one of its main components. Course will also include lessons about fundamentals, server, sessions, cookies, objects, variables and functions. Learning HTML and CSS is also necessary for this profession.

Training in hypertext Preprocessor also includes study of other languages such as JavaScript, jQuery and MySQL for database. Students will also learn about the top Framework used with PHP like CakePHP, Zend and many more. You will also learn about the content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla and WordPress.

Work on live projects – Many institutes provide the opportunity for students to work on live projects. It is a golden chance for trainees, which can give them the insight of real corporate world. You will know how to professionally work on live projects under the guidance of PHP experts. These experts will guide you on every step throughout the training. Their experience will help you in learning new aspects every day.

Certification – In PHP, there is no particular certification agency or body. Institutes providing courses in this programing language can provide you with proper certificates that indicate your complete course and skills. Still, course will help you in finding a good job since employers hire candidates with good training, certification and skills.

Job – Employers usually give priority to the candidates with good technical skills or who has familiarity with frameworks. During job, you will learn many aspects of corporate work as a PHP developer. With proper training, few years of experience and desire to learn more can make you a successful developer.

Theoretical education mixed with practical training can train you professionally. Continuous learning is the success motto of this industry. You just need to find a good institute to get enrolled in course and receive technical education.

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