How Industrial Training can help you in Shaping your Career?

One of the fastest growing industries in today’s time is iPhone Application Development. The students willing to make their career in this field can go for an industrial training. The six months industrial training in a city like Chandigarh can give sound exposure to the students.

The emphasis is on practical knowledge besides a student is also able to handle live projects in this training. The scope in this field is quiet high and prospects of a job are high. The students even get placement assistance from the institutes. Some students are even offered Pre Placement Offers (PPO’s) from the training institute.

A number of institutes are available over here, which can give you an opportunity to learn about iPhone Application Development and make you a professional in this field. After completion of the course, the job prospects for a professional are as high as it can be.

The following is the curriculum followed in the iPhone Application Development course-

Mobile Application Development – A student is familiar with the tools of mobile application development like Software Development Kit (SDK), Xcode and interface builder. The other related software are also taught to the aspirants.

Basics of C and C++ Language – The aspirants get introduced to C programming language. The basics of C language include objects, memory management, properties and structures etc. These are the important aspect and form the base for the students. With the practice of few weeks, a student can become a professional in C language.

IDE and iOS – Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and iOS are also taught in the industrial training program. This topic also covers Xcode IDE and its functionality.

iMac Development – The so-called Machintosh insights are also taught to the students.

Architecture – The architecture MVC (Model View Controller) is one of the important topics of iPhone application development. After completion of the design, the controllers are designed. The controllers help in interaction, MVC is the one, which helps in the above. Apart from this, the topics of actions, storyboards, auto layouts and inspectors etc. are also discussed. The User Interface (UI) controls like UI Tab Bar Controller, UI Navigation controller and Root View Controller are also taught.

In the industrial training, the learners are also able to learn how events will come on the specific action of users. This comes under the topic of event handling.

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