What are the major options for six months industrial training?

Industrial Training is a part of graduate/post graduate degree program. With the completion of degrees like B.Tech and MCA, students are required to go for internships in their respective field. It will help in increase in knowledge and enhance their skills.

In contrast to education provided in colleges, internships provided in training institutes is quite different. Following are few reasons to support this statement:
Foremost reason behind this fact is institutes provide training on live projects, which is surely not there in colleges.

Knowledge about latest technology is not provided in colleges, which is there in the training institutes.

Students actively get to participate in the projects, which in colleges is not feasible.

Better interaction with guiders is possible in training program because usually in colleges, lecturers concentrate on completing their course.

Six months industrial training in Chandigarh is available in following courses, which comprise of certain set of curriculum that is as follows-

PHP: During this course, students are acquainted with PHP basic codes, server, JavaScript, sessions & cookies, MySQL, Framework (CakePHP) and CMS (Joomla and WordPress).
IPhone development: Introduction to mobile application development, Mac development, UINavigation controller, UITabbarcontroller and Integrated Development Environment is taught in the process of iPhone application development.

SEO and PPC: These are web-marketing applications. In SEO, knowledge of online marketing, basics about it, online and offline optimization, introduction to Google analytics, website analysis, and competitor analysis are provided. In PPC, Introduction to PPC, AdWords, knowledge about keywords targeting, Campaign Management and bidding knowledge are imparted to students.

Microsoft .Net: In this course, different modules covering the topic like VB.Net, ASP.NET, C Sharp (C#), and Advanced (C#) are taught to students.

But, before you make up your mind to enroll in an institute, make sure of few things, which are-

Is the company an IT development company? Getting answer for this question will not allow you to rue your decision later on.

Is training provided on live or dummy projects?

Will company put your project on live after its completion?  Being certain about this aspect will help you get your dream job (because you can show it to perspective employer, where you will be going for interview).

Will they help you learn the latest technologies related to the project?

Is the staff of the institute cooperative?

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